From Idea to Execution: Track Running delight

A little inspiration

For two years, I coached the weekly track workouts at Kezar Stadium for the Golden Gate Running Club.  During that time, I created a lot of different workouts to keep the runs challenging and fun!  Finding inspiration for what to do each week was sometimes difficult.  "What should I run today?"  I decided to play around with designing and prototyping an app to help someone like me try something new the next time they're on the track.


It's still a work in progress

To the left is my Version 3 prototype in InVision.  I've made some improvements from the previous versions, like having two distinct flows for Tortoise and Hare to reduce the user's confusion about which pace group they are viewing.  In later versions, I plan to experiment with more interesting interactions using Principle.  But before I do that, I want to make sure the flow makes sense, users understand what they're looking at, and ensure it works well for a user before and while at the track.

Now it's time to grab some more folks to test out my designs!  More updates to come...


Sketching to bring ideas to life


I spent the day working through the screens for my MVP to prototype (i.e., there's no finish time recording or GPS tracking on this one - but there's plenty of those apps out there already!).  First, I sketched and wrote out some rough ideas.  Next, I took the designs to the next level and sketched out a series of more robust flows.  After working out some kinks, I transitioned the designs into the clickable prototype above.

Icons sourced from The Noun Project:  “Hare” by Ludovic Riffault, FR and “Turtle” by, GB.  Thanks!