Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

– Jonathan Swift


When I design web, mobile, and virtual reality interfaces and experiences, I ask why and what if. Why is the design like this? What if it were different? How can it better address the user’s needs while meeting the business goals? I answer these questions through the design process: gather user feedback, sketch and create prototypes, and validate the design decisions.

I have been designing user experiences for startups on enterprise and consumer products since 2015. I taught UX best practices in General Assembly's UX Design Immersive course in fall 2016. In 2015, I graduated the UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly. Prior to UX, I had a decade of experience in operations and marketing. Working in marketing developed my ability to understand the customer and empathize with their needs, while working in operations refined my organization and communications skills in order to ensure processes run smoothly. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from University of California Santa Cruz.


Integrating The User into The Design Process

User-Centered Design to Build Valuable Products 


Explore – Conduct user research to explore the context, gain user insights, and clarify assumptions.


Empathize – Build empathy with the user and champion the user experience with stakeholders.


Iterate – Design low- and high-fidelity products with constant feedback and hypothesis validation.


Repeat  There's always room for improvement.


Industry Recognition


First Place at Startup Weekend: VR/AR/AI  |  January 2017

Working alongside a diverse team of developers, product managers, marketers, and leadership (team Collab Studios), I co-designed a virtual reality prototype in Unity. The prototype showcased a space for remote teams to collaborate with existing tools as if they were in the same room. 


First Place at General Assembly Jamathon  |   November 2015

Our team designed and tested an app that locates nearby restrooms and provides useful information, including pay to use, baby changing station, and quality. By addressing this constant and universal need to use the restroom, the app addresses the insufficient number public restrooms in San Francisco.


Design Doesn't Stop Here


I am a lifelong learner. I'm working in new tools to master 3D content creation (Unity and Blender) because I'm excited about the potential of virtual/augmented reality and wearable tech. I believe that as this medium opens new interactions, user-centered design will be crucial to create meaningful experiences. 

Design extends beyond the screen and pixel. I’ve been contributing to building and iterating on the understanding of community at Burning Man since 2009. I have helped shape our camp, Mystopia, to be a community of chosen family and friends, ever conscious about our impact for the event week and year-round.

When I'm not doing design, you'll find me reading a science fiction / post-apocalyptic novel while trying not to be too distracted by my adorable cat, Capers.